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Welcome to the Duplin County Schools online Request for Reassignment application.

All requests will be checked for accuracy. Any falsification of information may result in your request not being processed and/or denied.  

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Information for Student Transfer Applications:


Each student in the Duplin County School System is expected to attend the school designated for the geographic attendance area in which he/she resides. Student transfers requested by a parent or legal guardian will be considered if the circumstance meets at least one of the provisions outlined in these procedures and if the school is being requested is not closed to out-of-district transfers. The student transfer policy and procedures are available at all schools, the Board of Education, and on the Duplin County Schools’ website: All forms are available at the schools and Student Support Services at the central office.

The number of spaces available in each grade level will be determined by the principal and reported to the Director of Support Services and superintendent by March 15.  Transfer requests may be approved if there is a seat available at the requested school. Parents may request changes in school assignment per steps outlined in Duplin County Schools Policy Code 4130


Appeals:  Refer to Policy 4150 Regarding Appeals.

Fee: A fee of $10.00 will be charged for each application that is submitted.  

Revocations:  An out-of-district transfer is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked upon recommendation of the out-of-district principal of the current school and the pupil personnel worker of the school when the child’s attendance, behavior, or grades are unsatisfactory; the child no longer meets the out-of-district transfer criteria; falsification of information provided on the application is verified; and/or when a parent consistently refuses to respond in a timely manner to administrators or staff members.

Transportation:  Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the student receiving the transfer unless the student is approved for a transfer for Child Care and public school transportation is provided from the approved provider’s location.

Timeline:  Requests for student transfers must be received in the Student Support Services on or before April 1st – May 15th (grades 1 - 12) – If this date falls on a weekend, transfers will be due the following Monday. 

Tuition:  Refer to Policy Code 4135 Tuition for Discretionary Admissions.


For More Information, Contact: Dr. Ben Thigpen, Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services, Federal Programs and Athletics or Dawn Smith, Student Support Services.


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